NMT Intervarsity Chapter-Camp-Rap

Watch James and Bryan convince you to attend Intervarsity's annual chapter camp retreat to Catalina Island!

The Chronicles of iPrism

One of my original high-school projects, the Chronicles of iPrism was the plight of two undisgruntled iPrism workers (a company that supplies censorship-networking).  Watch as Nelson and someone whose name is not known, attempt to determine the whereabouts of suspect A. 


The philosophy of Bioshock 1

Cameron and Jacob delve into the philosophical underpinnings of Bioshock 1. It's THE FIRST installment of our brand new "The Philosophy of" series, where we address the philosophy of various video games and other media.


The philosophy of bioshock infinite

Cameron, Jacob, and Teddy play some carnival games, inhabit some animatronics, and steal from a charity box. The special extended FIRST episode of "The Philosophy of Bioschock Infinite!"