by Jacob, June 20, 2017 , In Photography , Technology

Sigma 50-100mm ƒ1.8 Effective Application Analysis

The 50-100 serves best for medium-long range photography.  It is excellent for weddings, for portraits, and for certain minor sporting events.  50-100mm is equivalently 75mm-150mm on 1.5x crops (Sony, Nikon) and 80mm-160mm on 1.6x crops (Canon), which puts it in a very similar position to the  equivalent 70-200mm.  Even the... Continue reading

by Jacob, October 26, 2016 , In Photography , School

Geology Hike

On October 18, 2016, my geology class hiked the mesa behind NMSU-Grants.  As part of the assignment to catalogue the event, I captured around 27/55 usable photos of the mesa, the trail, and the surrounding area.  This is an excerpt of the primary gallery found here, containing key images of the hike.... Continue reading