by Jacob, June 20, 2017 , In Photography , Technology

Sigma 50-100mm ƒ1.8 Effective Application Analysis

The 50-100 serves best for medium-long range photography.  It is excellent for weddings, for portraits, and for certain minor sporting events.  50-100mm is equivalently 75mm-150mm on 1.5x crops (Sony, Nikon) and 80mm-160mm on 1.6x crops (Canon), which puts it in a very similar position to the  equivalent 70-200mm.  Even the... Continue reading

by Jacob, May 4, 2017 , In Hikes , Vlog

Hiking Vlog pt. 1 – Cerro Bandera, Forest Fires, and Topos Maps

I took a hike up the side of Cerro Bandera – a volcano near Bandera Volcano; where a forest-fire raged for a few days.  The snow quickly extinguished the fire the next morning.  Yesterday, I hiked up the mountain to see what remained. Check out my YouTube Channel! Topos Link  ... Continue reading

by Jacob, March 29, 2017 , In School

NMSU-Grants Child Development Center Ground Breaking

March 29, 2017 marked the date of the official NMSU-Grants “Teacher, Health Care Education, and Child Development Center” groundbreaking.  Special guest Dr. Barbara Damron, cabinet secretary was present.  Lunch was provided by JJ’s Snack Shack, in the NMSU-Grants CyberCafe.  Completion is set for 2018. The pictures above were taken on... Continue reading

by Jacob, October 26, 2016 , In Photography , School

Geology Hike

On October 18, 2016, my geology class hiked the mesa behind NMSU-Grants.  As part of the assignment to catalogue the event, I captured around 27/55 usable photos of the mesa, the trail, and the surrounding area.  This is an excerpt of the primary gallery found here, containing key images of the hike.... Continue reading

by Jacob, August 13, 2016 , In Cryptography

Convenient Cryptography: Are Emoji the Future of Passwords?

How important is your data?  Home address? Bank information? Social security number?  Typically, everyone has some notion of the importance of privacy; it’s why we shut our blinds, lock our doors, build fences. Modern web-servers do this all too well, but how do they know it’s you?  In much the... Continue reading

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